Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need an electrician to install any of these items?

    Nope, the Natural Light Sensor is attached to an exterior surface with screws or attached to an optional garden pole. The Light Sentry Hub plugs into an outlet, and sits on a counter or shelf in a stand. The portable Power Gate is plugged into a standard outlet, and the wired Power Gates are installed just as easily as any standard switch or outlet.

  • If I’m installing a hard-wire Power Gate, should I turn off the power to that switch/outlet?

    Yep, be sure to turn it off.

  • Do I need the Light Sensor?

    The Light Sensor isn’t mandatory, but that would mean your Power Gates will be controlled by time, and not by the level of darkness.

  • Can I put the Light Sensor in the garden?

    Absolutely, the garden is a perfect spot, as long as it’s within 200 feet of the Light Sentry Hub, and positioned to get the maximum amount of sunlight possible.

  • Are any of the Power Gates constructed for outdoor use?

    Absolutely, the Outdoor Portable Power Gate is constructed to control lighting in the severe outdoor conditions.

  • I have CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs), can I dim them?

    Yes, many fluorescent bulbs can be dimmed. We recommend checking with the manufacturer first to be certain that your fixture and/or bulbs are dimmable.

  • I have LED light bulbs, can I dim them?

    Yes, many LED light bulbs can be dimmed. We recommend checking with the manufacturer first to be certain that the specific bulbs are dimmable.

  • If I lose the power to my house, how long before I lose all of my programing?

    Never, the Light Sentry Hub’s memory is permanent.

  • What if I have a party, and the lights go out before my guests leave?

    Every Power Gate has an override switch. Be sure to slide that switch before the Light Sentry Hub sends the command to dim or power-down. The event (on/dim/off) programming remains in the memory of the Light Sentry Hub, so just slide the switch back sometime the next day, and the settings will automatically go back to normal.