1: Plan

Consider how to make lighting convenient for yourself and guests by having landscape, porch and room lighting automatically turned on by the time, the darkness or a combination of both. Consider Light Sentry’s Light Switch to control outside lights, chandeliers and hallway path lighting. Use the Wired Power Gate and the Portable Power Gate to control table lamps.



2: Install

Not an electrician? No problem. Installing wired Power Gates where you need them is as easy as installing a standard switch or outlet. Or, make it even easier by going portable. Portable Power Gates require no tools – simply plug them directly into standard outlets that are convenient to the lamps and things you want to control.



3: Sync

Launch the Light Sentry APP to communicate with your control hub and follow the intuitive screens to connect-to and synchronize each of the Power Gates. Program landscape lighting to come on at dusk and foyer lights to dim at 8:00 p.m. Power down computers and printers during the a.m. and deny TV power during study hour. The choices are endless – and so is the convenience.



4: Live Smart

The easiest step of all, you start living with the convenience, the safety and the rewards of your Light Sentry system immediately. With light for you and your guests where-and-when it’s needed moving around your home is now convenient. With lights powering-up at different times every day (if sunset is a trigger) and dimming functions, intruders may find it difficult to know if the home is occupied…safety for you and your family. Automating the on/dim/off functions of lights or denying power to one sleeping appliance, you reduce your demand on the power grid and the monthly electric bill. Now that’s just living smart.