Developing Smart-Solution Technology

Sonne Industries

On the surface, Light Sentry is about nature and need working together to create a convenient, safer living space. At its heart, Light Sentry is about creating – and sharing – low-cost, smart-solution technology that promotes convenience, enhances safety and delivers long-term, savings.

What if the life of a single light bulb could be extended by 75%? What if the draw on the local power grid could be reduced, or even more impressive, what if yearly electric bills could be reduced by half or more? Led by Bill Dorn, President and CEO of Sonne Industries, it was these very questions that first brought Light Sentry to light – and to life.

The parent company of Light Sentry, Sonne Industries was founded in 2007, with the development and patenting of Light Sentry following soon after. Sonne Industries continues to be the foundation for the cutting-edge, life-changing technology advancements that are the cornerstones of the Light Sentry family of products.